Luda Medica aims at actualizing innovation design of esophageal stents,who has great experts in this field,and has built a widespread reputation in the field of no-vascular stents in European and American markets.

In 2003,Daiel introduced luda to disposable concept of medica device such as disposable biopsy forceps,Luda started develop disposable accessories of endoscope from disposable biopsy forceps.


Over ten years,Luda has been devoting itself to proprietary IP,technologies & special “know how” advance facilitary,rigorous ,quality control system .


Now Luda runs own R&D,engineering, production and logistical departments from theorginal idea to the delivery of the final product everything is in house.In addition,Luda is taking joint-research with medical institute and university laboratories.


Luda has built a delicated team to respond to this fierely competitive and rapid changing market.

In 2007,Luda has establishing in Germany as the direct sales and service channel to European Market.

Luda has great reputation cooperating with great clinician ,sales partners and suppliers.


Welcome to join us!